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  1. Gareth Nelson & Norman I. Platnick (1981). Systematics and Biogeography. Harcourt, Brace and World.
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  2. John S. Wilkins & Gareth J. Nelson (2008). Trémaux on Species: A Theory of Allopatric Speciation (and Punctuated Equilibrium) Before Wagner. History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences 30 (1):179-206.
    Pierre Trémaux’s 1865 ideas on speciation have been unjustly derided following his acceptance by Marx and rejection by Engels, and almost nobody has read his ideas in a charitable light. Here we offer an interpretation based on translating the term sol as “habitat”, in order to show that Trémaux proposed a theory of allopatric speciation before Wagner and a punctuated equilibrium theory before Gould and Eldredge, and translate the relevant discussion from the French. We believe he may have influenced Darwin’s (...)
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    Gareth Nelson (1978). From Candolle to Croizat: Comments on the History of Biogeography. Journal of the History of Biology 11 (2):269-305.
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    Norman I. Platnick & Gareth Nelson (1980). Book Review:Phylogenetic Systematics Willi Hennig, D. Dwight Davis, Rainer Zangerl. [REVIEW] Philosophy of Science 47 (3):499-.
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    Gareth Nelson & Colin Patterson (1993). Cladistics, Sociology and Success: A Comment on Donoghue's Critique of David Hull. Biology and Philosophy 8 (4):441-443.
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    Norman I. Platnick & Gareth Nelson (1978). The Purposes of Biological Classification. PSA: Proceedings of the Biennial Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association 1978:117 - 129.
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