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    Hugo De Vries and the Reception of the "Mutation Theory".Garland E. Allen - 1969 - Journal of the History of Biology 2 (1):55 - 87.
    De Vries' mutation theory has not stood the test of time. The supposed mutations of Oenothera were in reality complex recombination phenomena, ultimately explicable in Mendelian terms, while instances of large-scale mutations were found wanting in other species. By 1915 the mutation theory had begun to lose its grip on the biological community; by de Vries' death in 1935 it was almost completely abandoned. Yet, as we have seen, during the first decade of the present century it achieved an enormous (...)
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    JHB as a Collaborative Effort.Garland E. Allen & Jane Maienschein - 2017 - Journal of the History of Biology 50 (3):469-471.
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    Hans Spemann on Vitalism in Biology: Translation of a Portion of Spemann's Autobiography. [REVIEW]Viktor Hamburger, Garland E. Allen, Jane Maienschein & Hans Spemann - 1999 - Journal of the History of Biology 32 (2):231 - 243.
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    Notes on Source Materials: The Edwin Grant Conklin Papers at Princeton University.Garland E. Allen - 1968 - Journal of the History of Biology 1 (2):325-331.
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    A Pact with the Embryo: Viktor Hamburger, Holistic and Mechanistic Philosophy in the Development of Neuroembryology, 1927–1955. [REVIEW]Garland E. Allen - 2004 - Journal of the History of Biology 37 (3):421-475.
    Viktor Hamburger was a developmental biologist interested in the ontogenesis of the vertebrate nervous system. A student of Hans Spemann at Freiburg in the 1920s, Hamburger picked up a holistic view of the embryo that precluded him from treating it in a reductionist way; at the same time, he was committed to a materialist and analytical approach that eschewed any form of vitalism or metaphysics. This paper explores how Hamburger walked this thin line between mechanistic reductionism and metaphysical vitalism in (...)
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  6. The Economization of Life[REVIEW]Garland E. Allen - 2018 - Isis 109 (4):878-879.