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    Daniel Moseley & Gary Gala (2015). Paternalism, Autonomy, and the Good. Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology 22 (1):13-16.
    Brent Kious presents an important meditation on the relation of paternalism, autonomy, and values in “Autonomy and Values: Why the Conventional Theory of Values Is Not Value-Neutral.” We begin by giving a brief overview of the main argument. Kious claims that if a paternalistic intervention is justified, then that intervention does not impede an agent’s autonomous decision: considerations of autonomy are necessary for justifying paternalistic interventions. He also maintains that considerations of autonomy may focus on either competence or voluntariness. Accordingly, (...)
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    Daniel Moseley & Gary Gala (forthcoming). On the Nature of Psychopathy. In Fabrice Jotterand & James Giordano (eds.), The Neurobiology of Social Disruption: International Perspectives of Psychiatry, Pathology and Society. Potomic Institute Press
    The primary goal of this essay is to clarify the concept of psychopathy and distinguish it from other, related, concepts. We contend that the paradigmatic trait of psychopathy is a propensity to violence that is accompanied by a lack of conscience. We also argue that conceptual clarity on this point is important for devising empirical criteria for identifying psychopaths. We also argue that a full theory of psychopathy will require one to utilize theories and assumptions that pertain to central issues (...)
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    Charles M. Olbert & Gary J. Gala (2015). Supervenience and Psychiatry: Are Mental Disorders Brain Disorders? Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology 35 (4):203-219.
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    Daniel D. Moseley & Gary J. Gala (2013). The Consumer Protection Model of Decisional Capacity Evaluation. Southwest Philosophy Review 29 (1):241-248.
  5. Daniel D. Moseley & Gary Gala (eds.) (2015). Philosophy and Psychiatry: Problems, Intersections and New Perspectives. Routledge.
    This groundbreaking volume of original essays presents fresh avenues of inquiry at the intersection of philosophy and psychiatry. Contributors draw from a variety of fields, including evolutionary psychiatry, phenomenology, biopsychosocial models, psychoanalysis, neuroscience, neuroethics, behavioral economics, and virtue theory. Philosophy and Psychiatry’s unique structure consists of two parts: in the first, philosophers write five lead essays with replies from psychiatrists. In the second part, this arrangement is reversed. The result is an interdisciplinary exchange that allows for direct discourse, and a (...)
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