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    Does the Voluntary Adoption of Corporate Governance Mechanisms Improve Environmental Risk Disclosures? Evidence From Greenhouse Gas Emission Accounting.Gary F. Peters & Andrea M. Romi - 2014 - Journal of Business Ethics 125 (4):1-30.
    Prior research suggests that voluntary environmental governance mechanisms operate to enhance a firm’s environmental legitimacy as opposed to being a driver of proactive environmental performance activities. To understand how these mechanisms contribute to the firm’s environmental legitimacy, we investigate whether environmental corporate governance characteristics are associated with voluntary environmental disclosure. We examine an increasingly important attribute of a firm’s disclosure setting, namely the disclosure of greenhouse gas (GHG) information. GHG information represents proprietary non-financial information about the firm’s exposure to environmental (...)
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    Means Without End: Production, Reception, and Teaching in Kant's Aesthetics.Gary Peters - 2004 - Journal of Aesthetic Education 38 (1):35-52.
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    Dissymmetry and Height: Rhetoric, Irony and Pedagogy in the Thought of Husserl, Blanchot and Levinas. [REVIEW]Gary Peters - 2004 - Human Studies 27 (2):187-206.
    This essay is concerned with an initial mapping out of a model of intersubjectivity that, viewed within the context of education, breaks with the hegemonic dialogics of current pedagogies. Intent on rethinking the (so-called)problem of solipsism for phenomenology in terms of a pedagogy that situates itself within solitude and the alterity of self and other, Maurice Blanchot and Emmanuel Levinas will here speak as the voices of this other mode of teaching. Beginning with the problematization of intersubjectivity in romantic aesthetics (...)
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    Coleridge, Schiller, and Aesthetic Education (Review).Gary Peters - 2006 - Journal of Aesthetic Education 40 (3):119-124.
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    Affirming Solitude: Heidegger and Blanchot on Art.Gary Peters - 2013 - Eidos: Revista de Filosofía de la Universidad Del Norte 19 (19):9-37.
    The following reflections are intended as a preliminary to a more extended and in-depth series of case studies, focused analyses of actual artworks, and the issues arising from their particularity within what will be described here as a Heideggerian post-aesthetic aesthetics. The essay is not written from the perspective of a professional or academic philosopher or of a practising artist (even though I am one), neither fields of which have sufficiently engaged with the existential and aesthetic predicament sketched out below. (...)
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    The Philosophy of Improvisation.Gary Peters - 2011 - University of Chicago Press.
    Improvisation is usually either lionized as an ecstatic experience of being in the moment or disparaged as the thoughtless recycling of clichés. Eschewing both of these orthodoxies, _The Philosophy of Improvisation_ ranges across the arts—from music to theater, dance to comedy—and considers the improvised dimension of philosophy itself in order to elaborate an innovative concept of improvisation. Gary Peters turns to many of the major thinkers within continental philosophy—including Heidegger, Nietzsche, Adorno, Kant, Benjamin, and Deleuze—offering readings of their reflections on (...)
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    The Philosophy of Improvisation.Gary Peters - 2009 - University of Chicago Press.
    Scrap yard challenge : junkyard wars -- Freedom, origination, and irony -- Mimesis and cruelty -- Improvisation, origination, re-novation -- Conclusion : improvisation, thinking, writing.
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  8. The Rhythm of Alterity-Levinas and Aesthetics.Gary Peters - 1997 - Radical Philosophy 82:9-16.
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