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    On the Generality of the Affective Simon Effect.Jan De Houwer, Geert Crombez, Frank Baeyens & Dirk Hermans - 2001 - Cognition and Emotion 15 (2):189-206.
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    Signals for Threat Modulate Attentional Capture and Holding: Fear-Conditioning and Extinction During the Exogenous Cueing Task.Ernst Koster, Geert Crombez, Stefaan Van Damme, Bruno Verschuere & Jan De Houwer - 2005 - Cognition and Emotion 19 (5):771-780.
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    Disentangling Attention From Action in the Emotional Spatial Cueing Task.Manon Mulckhuyse & Geert Crombez - 2014 - Cognition and Emotion 28 (7):1223-1241.
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    Is Attentional Prioritization on a Location Where Pain is Expected Modality-Specific or Multisensory?Charlotte Vanden Bulcke, Geert Crombez, Wouter Durnez & Stefaan Van Damme - 2015 - Consciousness and Cognition 36:246-255.
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    Attention Modulates Sensory Suppression During Back Movements.Lore Van Hulle, Georgiana Juravle, Charles Spence, Geert Crombez & Stefaan Van Damme - 2013 - Consciousness and Cognition 22 (2):420-429.
    Tactile perception is often impaired during movement. The present study investigated whether such sensory suppression also occurs during back movements, and whether this would be modulated by attention. In two tactile detection experiments, participants simultaneously engaged in a movement task, in which they executed a back-bending movement, and a perceptual task, consisting of the detection of subtle tactile stimuli administered to their upper or lower back. The focus of participants’ attention was manipulated by raising the probability that one of the (...)
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    To Express or Suppress May Be Function of Others' Distress.Geert Crombez & Chris Eccleston - 2002 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 25 (4):457-458.
    We argue that pain behaviour cannot be wholly accounted for within the operant model of Fordyce (1976). Many pain behaviours, including facial expression, are not socially reinforced but are evolutionarily predetermined. We urge researchers to take into consideration other learning accounts. Building on the idea that pain sufferers learn to suppress the expression of pain, we begin the development of a framework for a relational understanding of pain complaint.
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    Attentional Prioritisation of Threatening Information: Examining the Role of the Size of the Attentional Window.Lies Notebaert, Geert Crombez, Stefaan Van Damme, Wouter Durnez & Jan Theeuwes - 2013 - Cognition and Emotion 27 (4):621-631.
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    Goal Pursuit in Individuals with Chronic Pain: A Personal Project Analysis.Geert Crombez, Emelien Lauwerier, Liesbet Goubert & Stefaan Van Damme - 2016 - Frontiers in Psychology 7.
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    Observing Another in Pain Facilitates Vicarious Experiences and Modulates Somatosensory Experiences.Sophie Vandenbroucke, Geert Crombez, Tom Loeys & Liesbet Goubert - 2014 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 8.
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    Orienting to Guilty Knowledge.Bruno Verschuere, Geert Crombez & Ernst Koster - 2004 - Cognition and Emotion 18 (2):265-279.