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    The Interconnection of Systematic Dialectics and Historical Materialism.Geert Reuten - 2000 - Historical Materialism 7 (1):137-165.
    This paper discusses some recent developments in the Marxian theory of value, called value-form theory, which have gone along with a methodological shift from a linear logic and historical dialectics to a dialectical logic and systematic dialectics. In order to appreciate these developments within the Marxian paradigm, it is useful to make two introductory remarks: first, on some peculiarities of Marxian discourse and, second, about discrepancies in Marx's Capital.
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    The Productive Powers of Labour and the Redundant Transformation to Prices of Production.Geert Reuten - 2017 - Historical Materialism 25 (3):3-35.
    The famous Marxian ‘transformation problem’ originated from a research manuscript written by Marx in 1864/65, from which Engels assembledCapitaliii. Unequal capital compositions, equal rates of surplus-value and equal rates of profit among different sectors are posited, and reconciled using the problematic concept of ‘prices of production’. Yet the assumption of equal rates of surplus-value is at odds with the subsequent text ofCapitali, where Marx presents various determinants of the rate of surplus-value, and connects productive powers of labour diverging between sectors (...)
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    The Necessity of Welfare: The Systemic Conflicts of the Capitalist Mixed Economy.Geert Reuten & Michael Williams - 1993 - Science and Society 57 (4):420 - 440.
    Welfare expenditure is under attack, so that a grasp of the determinants of welfare policy is timely. Neither functionalist nor instrumentalist theory, whether of a Marxist or mainstream kind, has been successful here. This paper offers a systematic presentation of the bourgeois state and of its interdependence with the economy, of which welfare policy is a key aspect. Controversially, the systemic necessity of welfare policy grounds a right to existence not adequately sustained by the value-form determination of the economy, reproduced (...)
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