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  1. Michotte's Experimental Phenomenology of Perception.Georges Thinés, Alan Costall & George Butterworth (eds.) - 2013 - Routledge.
    This volume of collected papers, with the accompanying essays by the editors, is the definitive source book for the work of this important experimental psychologist. Originally published in 1991, it offered previously inaccessible essays by Albert Michotte on phenomenal causality, phenomenal permanence, phenomenal reality, and perception and cognition. Within these four sections are the most significant and representative of the Belgian psychologist's research in the area of experimental phenomenology. Extremely insightful introductions by the editors are included that place the essays (...)
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    Joint Visual Attention in Infancy.George Butterworth - 2004 - In Gavin Bremner & Alan Slater (eds.), Theories of Infant Development. Blackwell. pp. 317--354.
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  3. Imitation in Infancy.Jacqueline Nadel & George Butterworth (eds.) - 2011 - Cambridge University Press.
    First published in 1999, this book brings together the extensive modern evidence for innate imitation in babies. Modern research has shown imitation to be a natural mechanism of learning and communication which deserves to be at centre stage in developmental psychology. Yet the very possibility of imitation in newborn humans has had a controversial history. Defining imitation has proved to be far from straightforward and scientific evidence for its existence in neonates is only now becoming accepted, despite more than a (...)
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    Towards an Ecology of Mind.George Butterworth - 1993 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 16 (1):31-32.
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    An Ecological Perspective on the Self and its Development.George Butterworth - 2000 - In Dan Zahavi (ed.), Exploring the Self. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. pp. 19--38.
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    A Developmental-Ecological Perspective on Strawson's 'the Self'.George Butterworth - 1998 - Journal of Consciousness Studies 5 (2):132-140.
    Galen Strawson considers the self to be best described as a cognitive, `distinctively mental' phenomenon. He asserts that the mental sense of self comes to every normal human being in childhood and comprises the sense of being a mental presence, of being alone in one's head, with the body `just a vehicle or vessel for the mental thing that is what one really or most essentially is' . His thesis is determinedly cognitivist and it is with this that I take (...)
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  7. The Self as an Object of Consciousness in Infancy.George Butterworth - 1995 - In P. Rochat (ed.), The Self in Infancy: Theory and Research. Elsevier.
  8. Workshop Participants.Janette Atkinson, Edoardo Bisiach, Oliver Braddick, Bill Brewer, Michele Brouchon, Peter Bryant, George Butterworth, John Campbell, Bill Child & Lynn A. Cooper - 1993 - In Naomi Eilan, Rosaleen A. McCarthy & Bill Brewer (eds.), Spatial Representation: Problems in Philosophy and Psychology. Blackwell. pp. 400.
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    Determinacy and Indeterminacy: Theoretical and Philosophical Perspectives.George Butterworth - 1997 - In Alan Fogel, Maria C. D. P. Lyra & Jaan Valsiner (eds.), Dynamics and Indeterminism in Developmental and Social Processes. L. Erlbaum. pp. 111.
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    Factors in Visual Attention Eliciting Manual Pointing in Human Infancy.George Butterworth - 1995 - In H. Roitblat & Jean-Arcady Meyer (eds.), Comparative Approaches to Cognitive Science. MIT Press. pp. 329--338.