1. Modal Logic with Names.George Gargov & Valentin Goranko - 1993 - Journal of Philosophical Logic 22 (6):607 - 636.
    We investigate an enrichment of the propositional modal language L with a "universal" modality ■ having semantics x ⊧ ■φ iff ∀y(y ⊧ φ), and a countable set of "names" - a special kind of propositional variables ranging over singleton sets of worlds. The obtained language ℒ $_{c}$ proves to have a great expressive power. It is equivalent with respect to modal definability to another enrichment ℒ(⍯) of ℒ, where ⍯ is an additional modality with the semantics x ⊧ ⍯φ (...)
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    Knowledge, Uncertainty and Ignorance in Logic: Bilattices and Beyond.George Gargov - 1999 - Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics 9 (2-3):195-283.
    ABSTRACT In the paper we present a survey of some approaches to the semantics of many-valued propositional systems. These approaches are inspired on one hand by classical problems in the investigations of logical aspects of epistemic activity: knowledge and truth, contradictions, beliefs, reliability of data, etc. On the other hand they reflect contemporary concerns of researchers in Artificial Intelligence (and Cognitive Science in general) with inferences drawn from imperfect information, even from total ignorance. We treat the mathematical apparatus that has (...)
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    An Approach to Uncertainty Via Sets of Truth Values.George Gargov - 1995 - Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 36 (2):235-268.
    An approach to the treatment of inference in the presence of uncertain truth values is described, based on representing uncertainties by sets of ordinary (certain) truth values. Both the algebraic and the logical aspects are studied for a variety of lattices used as truth value spaces in the domain of many-valued logic.
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