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    Guilt and the Science of Emotion: How Does Prayer Fit?George Tsakiridis - 2013 - Zygon 48 (4):890-907.
    This article engages sources regarding evolutionary development of guilt (Richard Joyce's The Evolution of Morality, Jesse Prinz's Gut Reactions, and others) and how they can be used to dialogue with material on the alleviation of guilt in the Christian tradition using examples in the work of Anselm of Canterbury and John Chrysostom. This raises a few key questions. If guilt is an evolutionary trait created to build reputation and relationship, how does this mesh with some theological approaches to solutions for (...)
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    Science and the Eastern Orthodox Church Edited by Daniel Buxhoeveden and Gayle Woloschak.George Tsakiridis - 2012 - Zygon 47 (2):467-468.
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    Panentheism—the Other God of the Philosophers: From Plato to the Present. By John W. Cooper.George Tsakiridis - 2009 - Zygon 44 (3):741-743.
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    The Universe as Communion: Towards a Neo-Patristic Synthesis of Theology and Science. By Alexei Nesteruk.George Tsakiridis - 2010 - Zygon 45 (1):282-283.
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    Theology, Psychology, and the Plural Self by Léon Turner.George Tsakiridis - 2011 - Zygon 46 (1):249-250.
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