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    Medical, Social and Christian Aspects in Patients with Major Lower Limb Amputations.Bogdan Stancu, Georgel Rednic, Nicolae Ovidiu Grad, Ion Aurel Mironiuc & Claudia Diana Gherman - 2016 - Journal for the Study of Religions and Ideologies 15 (43):82-101.
    Lower limb major amputations are both life-saving procedures and life-changing events. Individual responses to limb loss are varied and complex, some individuals experience functional, psychological and social dysfunction, many others adjust and function well. Some patients refuse amputation for religious and/or cultural reasons. One of the greatest difficulties for a person undergoing amputation surgery is overcoming the psychological stigma that society associates with the loss of a limb. Persons who have undergone amputations are often viewed as incomplete individuals. The medical (...)
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    Developmental Dyslexia and the Dual Route Model of Reading: Simulating Individual Differences and Subtypes.Johannes C. Ziegler, Caroline Castel, Catherine Pech-Georgel, Florence George, F.-Xavier Alario & Conrad Perry - 2008 - Cognition 107 (1):151-178.