1.  78
    A Relativistic Formulation of the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Paradox.Gerrit J. Smith & Robert Weingard - 1987 - Foundations of Physics 17 (2):149-171.
    The Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR) paradox and the correlated states it introduced comprise one of the central interpretive problems of quantum mechanics. Because of the apparent nonlocal character of this paradox, it should be given a relativistic treatment. The purpose of this paper is to provide such a treatment.
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    Interpreting Quantum Mechanics: Critical Reflections on Jeffrey Bub’s the Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. [REVIEW]Gerrit J. Smith - 1977 - International Philosophical Quarterly 17 (3):339-346.
  3.  26
    Measurability Analysis of the Electric-Type Components of the Linearized Gravitational Radiation Field.Gerrit J. Smith - 1972 - Foundations of Physics 2 (2-3):189-222.
    The equivalence principle as well as the spin-two character of the weak gravitational field lead to difficulties in the measurability analysis of this field which are not encountered in Bohr and Rosenfeld's corresponding inquiry into the electromagnetic field. To meet these difficulties, atomic elastic structures are proposed as gravitational field detectors whose parameters (masses, total volumes, lattice and elastic constants) are adjustable. The limitations imposed by the uncertainty principle and by the radiation reaction of the detectors on the determination of (...)
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