1. Benedetto Croce: Philosopher of Art and Literary Critic.Gian Napoleone Giordano Orsini - 1961 - Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press.
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  2. Coleridge and German Idealism.Gian Napoleone Giordano Orsini - 1969 - Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press.
    Professor Orsini’s book enters the controversy that has marked the changing response to Coleridge’s work during the past forty years, stimulated recently by the accessibility of Coleridge manuscripts and by the publication of hitherto unpublished works. Professor Orsini himself contributes to our new knowl­edge by publishing here for the first time texts from the note­books. His book is of importance and interest because it examines problems which are rooted in world-wide intellectual developments of recent times. Counterposing his argument against the (...)
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