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    Paul and Political Theology Nihilism, Empire and the Messianic Vocation.Gideon Baker - 2015 - Philosophy and Social Criticism 41 (3):293-315.
    Nihilism, for Nietzsche, is the nothing that results from the devaluation of the highest values. There is widespread agreement with Nietzsche’s claim that the apostle Paul was the great devaluer of the values of the ancient world, even to the extent of breaking the history of the world in two. Yet the mode of Paul’s devaluating nihilism is contested. Using Nietzsche’s three types of nihilist, I frame this debate over Paul as giving us, respectively, Paul the reactive nihilist , Paul (...)
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    The Revolution Is Dissent Reconciling Agamben and Badiou on Paul.Gideon Baker - 2013 - Political Theory 41 (2):312-335.
    Underlying Giorgio Agamben’s and Alain Badiou’s disagreement over the apostle Paul we find common cause: following Paul’s deactivation of law, both Agamben and Badiou see the fixed identities necessary to the naturalised nomos of State politics as transfigured by a politics of grace. This transfiguration is differently rendered as either the emergence of a universal subject (Badiou) or the opening up of existing subjectivities (Agamben), but both the messianic vocation in Agamben and the universal subject in Badiou allow subjective possibility (...)
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    Civil Society Theory and Republican Democracy.Gideon Baker - 2001 - Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy 4 (2):59-84.
    Calls to ?build civil society?, ?create active citizenship?, ?empower communities?, or ?widen political participation? are growing by the day. They are heard in academia, the private sector, among NGOs and increasingly in government. In short, the rhetoric of self?government, that ideal dear to republicans, is back on the political agenda. This time, however, it is increasingly tied to the category of civil society. Yet can the programme of ?more power to civil society? really achieve democratic autonomy in the way that (...)
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  4. Politicizing Ethics in International Relations: Cosmopolitanism as Hospitality.Gideon Baker - 2011 - Routledge.