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    Gillian Einstein & Owen Flanagan (2003). 1 1 Sexual Identities and Narratives of Self. In Gary D. Fireman, T. E. McVay & Owen J. Flanagan (eds.), Narrative and Consciousness: Literature, Psychology and the Brain. Oxford University Press 209.
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    Gillian Einstein (2007). From Body to Brain: Considering the Neurobiological Effects of Female Genital Cutting. Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 51 (1):84-97.
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    John Bickle, Gillian Einstein & Valerie Hardcastle (2000). Editors' Introduction. Brain and Mind 1 (1):1-6.
  4. Gillian Einstein (2012). Situated Neuroscience : Exploring Biologies of Diversity. In Robyn Bluhm, Anne Jaap Jacobson & Heidi Lene Maibom (eds.), Neurofeminism: Issues at the Intersection of Feminist Theory and Cognitive Science. Palgrave Macmillan