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    Wendy Austin, Gillian Lemermeyer, Lisa Goldberg, Vangie Bergum & Melissa S. Johnson (2005). Moral Distress in Healthcare Practice: The Situation of Nurses. [REVIEW] HEC Forum 17 (1):33-48.
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    Wendy Austin, Marlene Rankel, Leon Kagan, Vangie Bergum & Gillian Lemermeyer (2005). To Stay or to Go, to Speak or Stay Silent, to Act or Not to Act: Moral Distress as Experienced by Psychologists. Ethics and Behavior 15 (3):197 – 212.
    The moral distress of psychologists working in psychiatric and mental health care settings was explored in an interdisciplinary, hermeneutic phenomenological study situated at the University of Alberta, Canada. Moral distress is the state experienced when moral choices and actions are thwarted by constraints. Psychologists described specific incidents in which they felt their integrity had been compromised by such factors as institutional and interinstitutional demands, team conflicts, and interdisciplinary disputes. They described dealing with the resulting moral distress by such means as (...)
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    Wendy Austin, Gillian Lemermeyer, Miriam Brouillet & Leigh Turner (2005). Anderson-Shaw, Lisa, Meadow, William with Policy? HEC Forum 17 (4):327-329.
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