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    A Brief Comparison of the Unconscious as Seen by Jung and Lévi‐Strauss.Giuseppe Iurato - 2015 - Anthropology of Consciousness 26 (1):60-107.
    Retracing the primary common aspects between anthropological and psychoanalytic thought, in this article, we will further discuss the main common points between the notions of the unconscious according to Carl Gustav Jung and Claude Lévi-Strauss, taking into account the thought of Erich Neumann. On the basis of very simple elementary logic considerations centered around the basic notion of the separation of opposites, our observations might be useful for speculations on the possible origins of rational thought and hence on the origins (...)
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    On the Role of Virtual Work in Levi-Civita’s Parallel Transport.Giuseppe Iurato & Giuseppe Ruta - 2016 - Archive for History of Exact Sciences 70 (5):1-13 (provisional).
    The current literature on history of science reports that Levi-Civita’s parallel transport was motivated by his attempt to provide the covariant derivative of the absolute differential calculus with a geometrical interpretation (For instance, see Scholz in ''The intersection of history and mathematics'', Birkhäuser, Basel, pp 203-230, 1994, Sect. 4). Levi-Civita’s memoir on the subject was explicitly aimed at simplifying the geometrical computation of the curvature of a Riemannian manifold. In the present paper, we wish to point out the possible role (...)
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