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    Glen O. Gabbard (1994). Teetering on the Precipice: A Commentary on Lazarus's "How Certain Boundaries and Ethics Diminish Therapeutic Effectiveness". Ethics and Behavior 4 (3):283 – 286.
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    Yakov Shapiro & Glen O. Gabbard (1994). A Reconsideration of Altruism From an Evolutionary and Psychodynamic Perspective. Ethics and Behavior 4 (1):23 – 42.
    Altruistic behavior and motivation has traditionally been regarded as a defense mechanism defined by the vicissitudes of instinctual gratification. In this article, we suggest that there exists a substantial body of evidence from the fields of ethology, infant research, and experimental psychology to support the existence of an independently motivated altruism that is nondefensive in nature. We attempt to show how the view of altruism as a universal motivational system stems from the recent developments in evolutionary theory and contributes to (...)
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    Drew Westen, Glen O. Gabbard & Kile M. Ortigo (1990). Psychoanalytic Approaches to Personality. In L. Pervin (ed.), Handbook of Personality: Theory and Research. Guilford Press. pp. 21--65.
  4. Glen O. Gabbard (2008). Boundary Violations. In Sidney Bloch & Stephen A. Green (eds.), Psychiatric Ethics. Oxford University Press.
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