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  1. The Concept of Dignity in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.Glenn Hughes - 2011 - Journal of Religious Ethics 39 (1):1-24.
    This essay examines the function of the concept of human dignity (both as an inherent feature of human existence and as an ideal achievement) in the United Nations's 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It explains why the key framers of the document affirmed an inherent human dignity in order to provide an explanatory basis for the validity of universal human rights while eschewing any religious or metaphysical justification for this affirmation. It argues that the key framers, while aware of (...)
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  2. Transcendence and History: The Search for Ultimacy From Ancient Societies to Postmodernity.Glenn Hughes - 2003 - University of Missouri.
    _Transcendence and History_ is an analysis of what philosopher Eric Voegelin described as “the decisive problem of philosophy”: the dilemma of the discovery of transcendent meaning and the impact of this discovery on human self-understanding. The explicit recognition and symbolization of transcendent meaning originally occurred in a few advanced civilizations worldwide during the first millennium?.?.e. The world’s major religious and wisdom traditions are built upon the recognition of transcendent meaning, and our own cultural and linguistic heritage has long since absorbed (...)
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  3. Revolutions: Finished and Unfinished, From Primal to Final.Paul Caringella, Wayne Cristaudo & Glenn Hughes (eds.) - 2012 - Cambridge Scholars Press.
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    A More Beautiful Question: The Spiritual in Poetry and Art.Glenn Hughes - 2011 - University of Missouri.
    By examining how the best art and poetry address our need for spiritual orientation, this book makes a valuable contribution to the philosophies of art, literature, and religion, and brings deserved attention to the significance of the ...
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    Eric Voegelin, Ezra Pound and the Balance of Consciousness.Glenn Hughes - 1997 - Modern Schoolman 75 (1):1-21.
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    Lonergan and Art.Glenn Hughes - 2007 - Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia 63 (4):991 - 1000.
    This article examines Bernard Lonergan's account of the meaning, functions, and importance of art, focusing on the chapter on art in his Topics in Education (volume 10 of The Collected Works of Bernard Lonergan), the text derived from his 1959 Cincinnati lectures on philosophy of education. The essay begins by identifying important parallels between Lonergan s analysis of art and selected elements in the philosophies of Aristotle, Saint Augustine, Kant, Hegel, Tolstoy, Collingwood, and Heidegger. It then focuses upon Lonergan's particular (...)
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    Love, Terror, and Transcendence in Emily Dickinson’s Poetry.Glenn Hughes - 2014 - Renascence 66 (4):283-304.
    Drawing on a large number of Dickinson’s poems, this essay explores the poetic originality, depth of insight, and extremes of emotional experience in those poems in which she articulates her relationship with a mystery of divinely transcendent being. Although Dickinson definitively rejected the institutional Christianity of her time and place, she employed the religious language and symbols of Christianity to express in a profoundly idiosyncratic way her recurrent experiences of sacred or divine transcendence. In these poems her articulation both of (...)
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    Response to Ranganathan.Glenn Hughes - 2014 - Journal of Religious Ethics 42 (4):776-782.
    This essay responds to Bharat Ranganathan's “Comment” on my essay, “The Concept of Dignity in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights” . Addressing key criticisms in this “Comment,” I make the following points. First, neither the idea of inherent dignity being “imparted” to humans, nor the Universal Declaration's implication—through its use of terms such as “inherent” and “inalienable”—that humans participate in transcendent reality, necessarily presuppose a Christian metaphysics. Second, a concept such as “inherent dignity” must be affirmed to be intrinsically (...)
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  9. The Politics of the Soul: Eric Voegelin on Religious Experience.Glenn Hughes (ed.) - 1998 - Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.
    The Politics of the Soul: Eric Voegelin on Religious Experience includes eight essays examining one of the most profound studies of religious experience to appear in the last century: that of the political philosopher Eric Voegelin. Voegelin is increasingly recognized as a political theorist of exceptional scope and erudition and the most important philosopher of his time since Toynbee, and his treatment of religious experience is a crucial part of his overall analysis of existence and history. This collection of essays (...)
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    Ulterior Significance in the Art of Bob Dylan.Glenn Hughes - 2011 - Journal of Macrodynamic Analysis 6:18-40.
    This essay examines the songwriting art of Bob Dylan as a vehicle for exploring and clarifying elements in Bernard Lonergan’s analysis of art. The elements focused upon include Lonergan’s treatment of symbols and symbolic meaning as the communicative medium of art, and, at greater length, Lonergan’s account of art’s capacity for what he calls “ulterior significance,” its ability to suggest depths of meaning—including divine or ultimate meaning—that we surmise to lie beyond our comprehension. Examining songs from the full range of (...)
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    An Analysis of Short-Term Memory in Familial Mental Retardates.Robert J. Nolan & Glenn H. Hughes - 1973 - Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society 1 (3):173-174.