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    Reimagining the New Pedagogical Possibilities for Universities Post-Covid-19.Michael A. Peters, Fazal Rizvi, Gary McCulloch, Paul Gibbs, Radhika Gorur, Moon Hong, Yoonjung Hwang, Lew Zipin, Marie Brennan, Susan Robertson, John Quay, Justin Malbon, Danilo Taglietti, Ronald Barnett, Wang Chengbing, Peter McLaren, Rima Apple, Marianna Papastephanou, Nick Burbules, Liz Jackson, Pankaj Jalote, Mary Kalantzis, Bill Cope, Aslam Fataar, James Conroy, Greg Misiaszek, Gert Biesta, Petar Jandrić, Suzanne S. Choo, Michael Apple, Lynda Stone, Rob Tierney, Marek Tesar, Tina Besley & Lauren Misiaszek - forthcoming - Educational Philosophy and Theory:1-44.
    Michael A. Petersa and Fazal Rizvib aBeijing Normal University, Beijing, PR China; bMelbourne University, Melbourne, Australia Our minds are still racing back and forth, longing for a return to ‘no...
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    Reimagining the New Pedagogical Possibilities for Universities Post-Covid-19: An EPAT Collective Project.Lauren Misiaszek, Tina Besley, Marek Tesar, Rob Tierney, Lynda Stone, Michael Apple, Suzanne S. Choo, Petar Jandrić, Gert Biesta, Greg Misiaszek, James Conroy, Aslam Fataar, Bill Cope, Mary Kalantzis, Pankaj Jalote, Liz Jackson, Nick Burbules, Marianna Papastephanou, Rima Apple, Peter McLaren, Wang Chengbing, Ronald Barnett, Danilo Taglietti, Justin Malbon, John Quay, Susan Robertson, Marie Brennan, Lew Zipin, Yoonjung Hwang, Moon Hong, Radhika Gorur, Paul Gibbs, Gary McCulloch, Fazal Rizvi & Michael A. Peters - 2022 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 54 (6):717-760.
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    Countering Post-Truths Through Ecopedagogical Literacies: Teaching to Critically Read ‘Development’ and ‘Sustainable Development’.Greg William Misiaszek - 2019 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 52 (7):747-758.
    A key aspect of teaching ‘development’ is understanding the conundrums and tensions between balance and imbalance with constructs of global and...
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    Public Intellectuals in the Age of Viral Modernity: An EPAT Collective Writing Project.Michael A. Peters, Petar Jandrić, Steve Fuller, Alexander J. Means, Sharon Rider, George Lăzăroiu, Sarah Hayes, Greg William Misiaszek, Marek Tesar, Peter McLaren & Ronald Barnett - 2022 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 54 (6):783-798.
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    A Critical Scholar’s Journey in China: A Brief Freirean Analysis of Insider–Outsider Tensions.Greg William Misiaszek - 2018 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 50 (12):1133-1143.
    As a full-time foreign faculty member in the Chinese Normal university system for the past five years, I analyze the contested terrain of being a critical, Freirean educator/researcher as an insider and outsider of Chinese and Western academic systems and societies overall. This autobiographical analysis is within the contexts of China’s academic focus on raising their global higher education rankings, along with self-reflectivity of my own multiple, often-conflicting identities and Western-centric Orientalism, theorized by Edward Said, in my legitimization of academic (...)
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    The China-Threat Discourse, Trade, and the Future of Asia. A Symposium.Michael A. Peters, Alexander J. Means, David P. Ericson, Shivali Tukdeo, Joff P. N. Bradley, Liz Jackson, Guanglun Michael Mu, Timothy W. Luke & Greg William Misiaszek - forthcoming - Educational Philosophy and Theory:1-21.