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Gregg Ten Elshof
University of Southern California
  1. Book Review. [REVIEW]Gregg Elshof - 2001 - Philosophia Christi 3 (2):586-588.
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  2. Neither Because nor in Spite Of: A Critical Reflection on Willard's Read of the Beatitudes.Gregg Ten Elshof - 2010 - Journal of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care 3 (2):230-238.
    In The Divine Conspiracy, Dallas Willard offers a much-needed corrective to a prevailing understanding of the Beatitudes according to which they are virtues or conditions for blessing in God's kingdom. Unfortunately, Willard weds this corrective to an implausible read of the more positive sounding beatitudes according to which they are vices or unattractive conditions in spite of which one can be blessed. In what follows, I hope to rescue the main thrust of Willard's gloss on the beatitudes from his interpretation (...)
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    Religious Experience, Conceptual Contribution and the Problem of Diversity: How Not to Make the Problem Worse.Gregg Ten Elshof - 2007 - Journal of Philosophical Research 32:235-250.
    This paper aims to contribute to a defense of the now quite familiar argument from the perceptual model of religious experience (hereafter PMR) to the rationality of beliefs formed on the basis of religious experience. The contribution will not, however, come in the form of a positive argument for PMR. Neither will this contribution take the form of a response to key objections to the plausibility of that model. Instead, I wish to argue that there is a widespread assumption about (...)
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  4. The Problem of Moral Luck and The Parable of the Land Owner.Gregg Elshof - 2001 - Philosophia Christi 3 (1):139-152.