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  1. Remy Lestienne, The Children of Time: Causality, Entropy, Becoming Reviewed by.Gregory R. Mulhauser - 1996 - Philosophy in Review 16 (4):263-265.
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    Materialism and the "problem" of quantum measurement.Gregory R. Mulhauser - 1995 - Minds and Machines 5 (2):207-17.
    For nearly six decades, the conscious observer has played a central and essential rôle in quantum measurement theory. I outline some difficulties which the traditional account of measurement presents for material theories of mind before introducing a new development which promises to exorcise the ghost of consciousness from physics and relieve the cognitive scientist of the burden of explaining why certain material structures reduce wavefunctions by virtue of being conscious while others do not. The interactive decoherence of complex quantum systems (...)
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    On the end of a quantum-mechanical romance.Gregory R. Mulhauser - 1995 - PSYCHE: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Research On Consciousness 2.
    Comparatively recent advances in quantum measurement theory suggest that the decades-old flirtation between quantum mechanics and the philosophy of mind is about to end. Various approaches to what I have elsewhere dubbed 'interactive decoherence' promise to remove the conscious observer from the phenomenon of state vector reduction. The mechanisms whereby decoherence occurs suggest, on the one hand, that consciousness per se has no role in explaining the outcomes of quantum events and, on the other, that perhaps apart from questions about (...)
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  4. What is it Like to be Nagel?'.Gregory R. Mulhauser - forthcoming - Philosopher: Journal of the Philosophical Society of England.
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  5. Evolving Consciousness.Gregory R. Mulhauser (ed.) - 1998 - John Benjamins.
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    Nature's subtlety undermines the empirical relevance of both dynamical and computational hypotheses.Gregory R. Mulhauser - 1998 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 21 (5):646-647.
    Technical hitches mar van Gelder's proposed map of the conceptual landscape, particularly with respect to descriptive levels and the trio of instantiation, realisation, and implementation. However, for all the formal quibbles, van Gelder is onto something important; the tension he notes between computationalism and a dynamical alternative threatens to transform the way we conduct cognitive science research.
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    Philosophical Problems of the Internal and External Worlds: Essays on the Philosophy of Adolf Grünbaum.Gregory R. Mulhauser - 1995 - Philosophical Books 36 (4):260-262.
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    Reply to Philip P. Hanson's review of mind out of matter.Gregory R. Mulhauser - 2001 - Minds and Machines 11 (2):301-306.
  9. What is self-awareness?Gregory R. Mulhauser - manuscript