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Griffin Klemick
University of Toronto, St. George Campus
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    Sellars’ Metaethical Quasi-Realism.Griffin Klemick - 2020 - Synthese 197 (5):2215-2243.
    In this article, I expound and defend an interpretation of Sellars as a metaethical quasi-realist. Sellars analyzes moral discourse in non-cognitivist terms: in particular, he analyzes “ought”-statements as expressions of collective intentions deriving from a collective commitment to provide for the general welfare. But he also endorses a functional-role theory of meaning, on which a statement’s meaning is grounded in its being governed by semantical rules concerning language entry, intra-linguistic, and language departure transitions, and a theory of truth as correct (...)
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    C. I. Lewis Was a Foundationalist After All.Griffin Klemick - 2020 - History of Philosophy Quarterly 37 (1):77-99.
    While C. I. Lewis was traditionally interpreted as an epistemological foundationalist throughout his major works, virtually every recent treatment of Lewis's epistemology dissents. But the traditional interpretation is correct: Lewis believed that apprehensions of "the given" are certain independently of support from, and constitute the ultimate warrant for, objective empirical beliefs. This interpretation proves surprisingly capable of accommodating apparently contrary textual evidence. The non-foundationalist reading, by contrast, simply cannot explain Lewis's explicit opposition to coherentism and his insistence that only apprehensions (...)
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    Two Sorts of Self-Creation: On Galen Strawson’s “Basic Argument”.Griffin Klemick - 2013 - Lyceum 12 (1).
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    Prospects for an Objective Pragmatism: Frank Ramsey on Truth, Meaning, and Justification.Griffin Klemick - 2017 - In Sami Pihlström (ed.), Pragmatism and Objectivity. London, UK: pp. 46-71.
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    Wittgenstein, Religion and Ethics: New Perspectives From Philosophy and Theology, Edited by Mikel Burley. [REVIEW]Charles Guth & Griffin Klemick - 2019 - Faith and Philosophy 36 (4):545-550.
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