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    Ethics of resuscitation for extremely premature infants: a systematic review of argument-based literature.Alice Cavolo, Bernadette Dierckx de Casterlé, Gunnar Naulaers & Chris Gastmans - 2021 - Journal of Medical Ethics 47 (12):4-4.
    ObjectiveTo present (1) the ethical concepts related to the debate on resuscitation of extremely premature infants (EPIs) as they are described in the ethical literature; and (2) the ethical arguments based on these concepts.DesignWe conducted a systematic review of the ethical literature. We selected articles based on the following predefined inclusion/exclusion criteria: (1) English language articles (2) presenting fully elaborated ethical arguments (3) on resuscitation (4) of EPIs, that is, infants born before 28 weeks of gestation.AnalysisAfter repeated reading of articles, (...)
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    Neonatologists’ decision-making for resuscitation and non-resuscitation of extremely preterm infants: ethical principles, challenges, and strategies—a qualitative study.Chris Gastmans, Gunnar Naulaers, Bernadette Dierckx de Casterlé & Alice Cavolo - 2021 - BMC Medical Ethics 22 (1):1-15.
    BackgroundDeciding whether to resuscitate extremely preterm infants (EPIs) is clinically and ethically problematic. The aim of the study was to understand neonatologists’ clinical–ethical decision-making for resuscitation of EPIs.MethodsWe conducted a qualitative study in Belgium, following a constructivist account of the Grounded Theory. We conducted 20 in-depth, face-to-face, semi-structured interviews with neonatologists. Data analysis followed the qualitative analysis guide of Leuven.ResultsThe main principles guiding participants’ decision-making were EPIs’ best interest and respect for parents’ autonomy. Participants agreed that justice as resource allocation (...)
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  3. From Birth to Death? A Personalist Approach to End-of-Life Care of Severely Ill Newborns.Chris Gastmans, Gunnar Naulaers, Chris Vanhole & Yvonne Denier - 2013 - Christian Bioethics 19 (1):7-24.
    In this paper, a personalist ethical perspective on end-of-life care of severely ill newborns is presented by posing two questions. (1) Is it ethically justified to decide not to start or to withdraw life-sustaining treatment in severely ill newborns? (2) Is it ethically justified, in exceptional cases, to actively terminate the life of severely ill newborns? Based on five values—respect for life and for the dignity of the human person, quality of life, respect for the process of dying, relational autonomy, (...)
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    Objective differentiation of neonatal EEG background grades using detrended fluctuation analysis.Vladimir Matic, Perumpillichira Joseph Cherian, Ninah Koolen, Amir H. Ansari, Gunnar Naulaers, Paul Govaert, Sabine Van Huffel, Maarten De Vos & Sampsa Vanhatalo - 2015 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 9.
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    Using Graph Theory to Assess the Interaction between Cerebral Function, Brain Hemodynamics, and Systemic Variables in Premature Infants.Dries Hendrikx, Liesbeth Thewissen, Anne Smits, Gunnar Naulaers, Karel Allegaert, Sabine Van Huffel & Alexander Caicedo - 2018 - Complexity 2018:1-15.
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