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    Sages at the Games: Intellectual Displays and Dissemination of Wisdom in Ancient Greece.Håkan Tell - 2007 - Classical Antiquity 26 (2):249-275.
    This paper explores the role the Panhellenic centers played in facilitating the circulation of wisdom in ancient Greece. It argues that there are substantial thematic overlaps among practitioners of wisdom , who are typically understood as belonging to different categories . By focusing on the presence of σοφοί at the Panhellenic centers in general, and Delphi in particular, we can acquire a more accurate picture of the particular expertise they possessed, and of the range of meanings the Greeks attributed to (...)
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  2. 1. Cover Cover (P. C1).Karen Bassi, Jean Sorabella, Håkan Tell, Zsuzsanna Várhelyi & Calvert Watkins - 2007 - Classical Antiquity 26 (2).
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    Plato's Counterfeit Sophists.Håkan Tell - 2010 - Harvard University Press.
    This book explores the place of the sophists within the Greek wisdom tradition, and argues against their almost universal exclusion from serious intellectual ...
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