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    Research Ethics: Participants’ Perceptions of Motivation, Randomisation and Withdrawal in a Randomised Controlled Trial of Interventions for Prevention of Depression.J. B. Grant, A. J. Mackinnon, H. Christensen & J. Walker - 2009 - Journal of Medical Ethics 35 (12):768-733.
    Aims and background: Little is known about how participants perceive prevention trials, particularly trials designed to prevent mental illness. This study examined participants’ motives for participating in a trial and their views of randomisation and the ability to withdraw from a randomised controlled trial for prevention of depression. Methods: Participants were older adults reporting elevated depression symptoms living in urban and regional locations in Australia who had consented to participate in an RCT of interventions to prevent depression. Participants rated their (...)
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    Children's Stories and Adult Attitudes Toward the Use of Animals in Biomedical Research and Testing.H. N. Christensen - 1986 - Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 29 (4):573.
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    An Australian Example of Translating Psychological Research Into Practice and Policy: Where We Are and Where We Need to Go.Aliza Werner-Seidler, Yael Perry & Helen Christensen - 2016 - Frontiers in Psychology 7.
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    Membrane Domination of Biological Energy Exchanges: A Message of the 1978 Nobel Award in Chemistry.Halvor N. Christensen - 1981 - Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 24 (3):358-373.
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    Die Sprache des byzantinischen Alexandergedichtes.H. Christensen - 1898 - Byzantinische Zeitschrift 7 (2).
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    Active Transport, with Special Reference to the Amino Acids.Halvor N. Christensen - 1959 - Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 2 (2):228-242.
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    Some Transport Lessons Taught by the Organic Solute.Halvor N. Christensen - 1967 - Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 10 (3):471-494.
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    Hypothesis: Where the Depleted Plasma Amino Acids Go in Phenylketonuria, and Why.H. N. Christensen - 1987 - Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 30 (2):186.
  9. Oxford Guide to Low Intensity Cbt Interventions.James Bennett-Levy, David Richards, Paul Farrand, Helen Christensen, Kathy Griffiths, David Kavanagh, Britt Klein, Mark A. Lau, Judy Proudfoot, Lee Ritterband, Jim White & Chris Williams (eds.) - 2010 - Oxford University Press UK.
    Mental disorders such as depression and anxiety are increasingly common. Yet there are too few specialists to offer help to everyone, and negative attitudes to psychological problems and their treatment discourage people from seeking it. As a result, many people never receive help for these problems. The Oxford Guide to Low Intensity CBT Interventions marks a turning point in the delivery of psychological treatments for people with depression and anxiety. Until recently, the only form of psychological intervention available for patients (...)
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