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H. D. Macpherson [6]H. Dugald Macpherson [1]
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    On ℵ0-Categorical Weakly o-Minimal Structures.B. Herwig, H. D. Macpherson, G. Martin, A. Nurtazin & J. K. Truss - 1999 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 101 (1):65-93.
    0-categorical o-minimal structures were completely described by Pillay and Steinhorn 565–592), and are essentially built up from copies of the rationals as an ordered set by ‘cutting and copying’. Here we investigate the possible structures which an 0-categorical weakly o-minimal set may carry, and find that there are some rather more interesting examples. We show that even here the possibilities are limited. We subdivide our study into the following principal cases: the structure is 1-indiscernible, in which case all possibilities are (...)
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    Abrusci, VM and Ruet, P., Non-Commutative Logic I: The Multiplicative Fragment (1) 29} 64 Bridges, D., Richman, F. And Schuster, P., Linear Independence Without Choice (1) 95} 102 Creed, P. And Truss, JK, On o-Amorphous Sets (2} 3) 185} 226. [REVIEW]B. Herwig, H. D. Macpherson, G. Martin & A. Nurtazin - 1999 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 101 (1):299.
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    Minimality Conditions on Circularly Ordered Structures.Beibut Sh Kulpeshov & H. Dugald Macpherson - 2005 - Mathematical Logic Quarterly 51 (4):377-399.
    We explore analogues of o-minimality and weak o-minimality for circularly ordered sets. Much of the theory goes through almost unchanged, since over a parameter the circular order yields a definable linear order. Working over ∅ there are differences. Our main result is a structure theory for ℵ0-categorical weakly circularly minimal structures. There is a 5-homogeneous example which is not 6-homogeneous, but any example which is k-homogeneous for some k ≥ 6 is k-homogeneous for all k.
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    Countable Structures of Given Age.H. D. Macpherson, M. Pouzet & R. E. Woodrow - 1992 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 57 (3):992-1010.
    Let L be a finite relational language. The age of a structure M over L is the set of isomorphism types of finite substructures of M. We classify those ages U for which there are less than 2ω countably infinite pairwise nonisomorphic L-structures of age U.
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    Relational Structures Determined by Their Finite Induced Substructures.I. M. Hodkinson & H. D. Macpherson - 1988 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 53 (1):222-230.
    A countably infinite relational structure M is called absolutely ubiquitous if the following holds: whenever N is a countably infinite structure, and M and N have the same isomorphism types of finite induced substructures, there is an isomorphism from M to N. Here a characterisation is given of absolutely ubiquitous structures over languages with finitely many relation symbols. A corresponding result is proved for uncountable structures.
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  6. On aleph0.B. Herwig, H. D. Macpherson, G. Martin, A. Nurtazin & J. K. Truss - 1999 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 101 (1):65-94.
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  7. The 1996-97 ASL Winter Meeting Will Be Held in Conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the American Mathematical Society During January 8-11, 1997, in San Diego, California. The 1996-97 ASL Annual Meeting Will Be Held March 22-25, 1997, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Chair of the Local Organizing Com-Mittee is Sy Friedman. [REVIEW]A. Louveau, Y. Moschovakis, L. Pacholski, H. Schwichtenberg, T. Slaman, J. Truss, H. D. Macpherson, A. Slomson & S. Wainer - 1996 - Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 2:121.