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  1. Machines with a Purpose.H. H. Rosenbrock - 1990 - Oxford University Press.
    There is at present a widespread unease about the direction in which our technology is taking us, apparently against our will. Promising advances seem to carry with them unforeseen negative consequences, including damage to the environment and the reduction of work to the trivial mechanical repetition of actions which have no human meaning. However, attempts to design a better, human-centered technology--one that complements rather than rejects human skills--are all too often frustrated by the prevailing belief that "man is a machine," (...)
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    Engineering As An Art.H. H. Rosenbrock - 2007 - AI and Society 21 (4):673-678.
    Scientific knowledge and mathematical analysis enter into engineering in an indispensable way, and their role will continually increase. But engineering contains elements of experience and judgment, of tacit knowledge, and regard for social considerations and the most effective way of using human labour. If we accept this element of ‘art’ in engineering, we should design our systems, not to reject human skill, but rather to cooperate with it and make it more protective.
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    Engineering as an Art.H. H. Rosenbrock - 1988 - AI and Society 2 (4):315-320.
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    Forces of Production: A Social History of Industrial Automation. David F. Noble.H. H. Rosenbrock - 1989 - Isis 80 (4):735-735.
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