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    H. L. Ho (2008). A Philosophy of Evidence Law: Justice in the Search for Truth. Oxford University Press.
    This book examines the legal and moral theory behind the law of evidence and proof, arguing that only by exploring the nature of responsibility in fact-finding can the role and purpose of much of the law be fully understood. Ho argues that the court must not only find the truth to do justice, it must do justice in finding the truth.
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  2. Amalia Amaya & H. L. Ho (eds.) (2013). Law, Virtue and Justice. Hart Publishing.
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    H. L. Ho (1999). A Theory of Hearsay. Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 19 (3):403-420.
    This article attempts to construct a theory of the common law hearsay rule. The hope is to expose the values which it embodies. The theory will explain the role of the rule in the inferential process and will try to justify its operation. The rule is commonly analysed in terms of 'reliability'. But it will be argued in this article that the hearsay rule is more correctly seen as being based on two related conceptions of fairness. The rule seeks to (...)
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    H. L. Ho (2006). Similar Facts in Civil Cases. Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 26 (1):131-152.
    This essay evaluates the recent restatement in O’Brien v Chief Constable of South Wales Police of the law on similar facts in civil proceedings. The two-stage approach propounded in O’Brien contains a number of conceptual problems. Apparent simplicity was achieved by avoiding fundamental issues underlying this area. Prior to the Criminal Justice Act 2003, judges recognized that the common law similar facts rule had a role to play in both civil and criminal trials; but they gave the rule a wider (...)
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