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    H. M. Zellner (1999). Passing Butler's Stone. History of Philosophy Quarterly 16 (2):193 - 202.
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    H. M. Zellner (2002). Pale, Smooth, and Musical You. Journal of Philosophical Research 27:527-535.
    Commentators are divided on the interpretation of Metaphysics Z4 1029b13–22. For one thing, it is unclear whether the passage rejects a claim about the essence of surface, or about the essence of pale. It is usually thought that the claim is disavowed because it involves a circular definition. However, this is conjectural, since Aristotle does not explicitly say anything about circularity in the lines in question. I argue here for an alternative account, which reads the disputed lines as an extension (...)
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    H. M. Zellner (2001). Wright's Functions and Kitcher's Gas. Philosophia 28 (1-4):503-509.
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    H. M. Zellner (1994). Scepticism in Homer? Classical Quarterly 44 (02):308-.
    It has been claimed that the earliest expression of a robust scepticism is in the Catalogue of Ships in the Iliad, and even commentators who would not go that far have thought the passage an important guide to epistemological attitudes in Homeric antiquity. It will be argued here that a close examination of the text does not support such conclusions. On the other hand, there are respectable reasons for an interpretation in which religious factors are operative, rather than epistemic ones. (...)
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