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  1. Should We Select for Genetic Moral Enhancement? A Thought Experiment Using the Moralkinder (Mk+) Haplotype.Halley S. Faust - 2008 - Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics 29 (6):397-416.
    By using preimplantation haplotype diagnosis, prospective parents are able to select embryos to implant through in vitro fertilization. If we knew that the naturally-occurring (but theoretical) MoralKinder (MK+) haplotype would predispose individuals to a higher level of morality than average, is it permissible or obligatory to select for the MK+ haplotype? I.e., is it moral to select for morality? This paper explores the various potential issues that could arise from genetic moral enhancement.
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    Kindness, Not Compassion, in Healthcare.Halley S. Faust - 2009 - Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics 18 (3):287.
    edited by Tuija Takala and Matti Häyry, welcomes contributions on the conceptual and theoretical dimensions of bioethics.
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    The Role of Faith-Based Organizations in the Ethical Aspects of Pandemic Flu Planning—Lessons Learned From the Toronto SARS Experience.Halley S. Faust, Cécile M. Bensimon & Ross E. G. Upshur - 2009 - Public Health Ethics 2 (1):105-112.
    Are restrictive measures and duties to care ethically reasonably acceptable to faith-based organizations? This study describes the perceptions of individually interviewed spiritual leaders of the disease control measures used during the recent SARS outbreak in Toronto. Four central themes were identified: the relationship between religious obligation and civic responsibilities; the role of faith-based organizations in supporting public health restrictive measures; the reciprocal obligations of public health and religious communities during restrictions; and justifiable limits to duties to care. We conclude that, (...)
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    Is a National Standard of Care Always the Right One?Halley S. Faust - 2007 - Developing World Bioethics 7 (1):45–46.
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    Public Health Ethics.Halley S. Faust & Ross Upshur - 2008 - In Peter A. Singer & A. M. Viens (eds.), The Cambridge Textbook of Bioethics. Cambridge University Press. pp. 274.
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    Protection of Human Subjects and Scientific Progress: Can the Two Be Reconciled?Kathleen Cranley Glass, David B. Resnik, Stephen Olufemi Sodeke, Halley S. Faust, Rebecca Dresser, Nancy M. P. King, C. D. Herrera, David Orentlicher & Lynn A. Jansen - 2006 - Hastings Center Report 36 (1):4-9.