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Profile: Han Thomas Adriaenssen (University of Groningen)
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    Book Review: Perception and the Internal Senses. Peter of John Olivi on the Cognitive Functions of the Sensitive Soul, Written by Juhana Toivanen. [REVIEW]Han Thomas Adriaenssen - 2015 - Vivarium 53 (1):126-128.
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    Peter John Olivi on Perceptual Representation.Han Thomas Adriaenssen - 2011 - Vivarium 49 (4):324-352.
    Abstract This paper studies Olivi's account of perceptual representation. It addresses two main questions: (1) how do perceptual representations originate? and (2) how do they represent their objects? Regarding (1), it is well known that Olivi emphasizes the activity of the soul in the production of perceptual representations. Yet it is sometimes argued that he overstresses the activity of the soul in a way that yields a philosophically problematic result. I argue that Olivi was well aware of the problem that (...)
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    The Radical Cartesianism of Robert Desgabets and the Scholastic Heritage.Han Thomas Adriaenssen - 2014 - British Journal for the History of Philosophy 23 (1):46-68.
    Robert Desgabets has been described as a ‘radical Cartesian’. Drawing conclusions from Descartes's thought that Descartes himself had failed to see, Desgabets treated Cartesianism as a work in progress that awaited further enrichment and development. But, as scholars have recognized, Desgabets's writings also betray a significant indebtedness to scholastic tradition. In presenting his philosophy, Desgabets often appeals to traditional notions, breathing new life into scholastic concepts and ideas. This paper investigates what we are to make of the scholastic vestiges in (...)
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