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    Varieties of Moral Emotional Experience.Hanah A. Chapman & Adam K. Anderson - 2011 - Emotion Review 3 (3):255-257.
    Although much research on emotion and morality has treated emotion as a relatively undifferentiated construct, recent work shows that moral transgressions can evoke a variety of distinct emotions. To accommodate these results, we propose a multiple-appraisal model in which distinct appraisals lead to different moral emotions. The implications of this model for our understanding of the relationship between appraisals, emotions and judgments are discussed. The complexity of moral emotional experience presents a methodological challenge to researchers, but we submit that a (...)
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    Response to Royzman and Kurzban.Hanah A. Chapman & Adam K. Anderson - 2011 - Emotion Review 3 (3):272-273.
    Royzman and Kurzban suggest that disgust-related facial activity in response to unfairness may reflect a metaphorical communication rather than genuine feelings of disgust. We argue that this is a partial reading of our findings and that our experimental data, and those of others, are inconsistent with a social metaphor interpretation.
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    Enhanced recall of disgusting relative to frightening photographs is not due to organisation.Hanah A. Chapman - 2017 - Cognition and Emotion 32 (6):1220-1230.
    ABSTRACTPrevious research has shown that disgusting photographs are better remembered than frightening photographs, even when the two image types have equivalent valence and arousal. However, this work did not control for potential differences in organisation between the disgusting and frightening stimuli that could account for enhanced memory for disgusting photographs. The current research therefore tested whether differences in recall between disgusting and frightening photographs persist when differences in organisation are eliminated. Using a set of disgusting and frightening photographs matched for (...)
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    An orderly personality partially explains the link between trait disgust and political conservatism.Xiaowen Xu, Annika K. Karinen, Hanah A. Chapman, Jordan B. Peterson & Jason E. Plaks - 2019 - Cognition and Emotion 34 (2):302-315.
    Individuals who are more easily disgusted tend to be more politically conservative. Individuals who have a preference for order also tend to be more politically conservative. In the present researc...
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