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    Hannah Dawson (2007). Locke, Language, and Early-Modern Philosophy. Cambridge University Press.
    In a powerful and original contribution to the history of ideas, Hannah Dawson explores the intense preoccupation with language in early-modern philosophy, and presents a groundbreaking analysis of John Locke's critique of words. By examining a broad sweep of pedagogical and philosophical material from antiquity to the late seventeenth century, Dr Dawson explains why language caused anxiety in writers such as Montaigne, Bacon, Descartes, Hobbes, Gassendi, Nicole, Pufendorf, Boyle, Malebranche and Locke. Locke, Language and Early-Modern Philosophy demonstrates that new developments (...)
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    Hannah Dawson (2003). Locke on Private Language. British Journal for the History of Philosophy 11 (4):609 – 637.
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    Hannah Dawson (2009). Hobbes, Language and Philip Pettit. Hobbes Studies 22 (2):219-230.
    In this article I explore two aspects of Pettit's thesis about Hobbes' innovation with regard to the transformative and central role of language in thought and politics. First, I argue that while Hobbes had many debts to both traditionalists and innovators, he did break new ground in characterising language as in some ways constitutive of thought - a conclusion he came to as a consequence not only of his extreme nominalism, but also of his views on the exceptional sensibility of (...)
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    Hannah Dawson (2007). The Rebellion of Language Against Reason in Early Modern Philosophy. Intellectual History Review 17 (3):277-290.
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    Hannah Dawson (2005). Locke on Language in (Civil) Society. History of Political Thought 26 (3):398-425.
  6. Hannah Dawson (2007). A Ridiculous Plan: Locke and the Universal Language Movement. Locke Studies 7:137-158.
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  7. Theo Sheldon Verbeek, Victor Alan Nuovo, James Thomas, Hannah Dawson & James A. Harris (2003). Book Reviews. [REVIEW] British Journal for the History of Philosophy 11 (1):141.
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