1. Inconsistency-adaptive modal logics. On how to cope with modal inconsistency.Hans Lycke - 2010 - Logic and Logical Philosophy 19 (1-2):31-61.
    In this paper, I will characterize a new class of inconsistency-adaptive logics, namely inconsistency-adaptive modal logics. These logics cope with inconsistencies in a modal context. More specifically, when faced with inconsistencies, inconsistency-adaptive modal logics avoid explosion, but still allow the derivation of sufficient consequences to adequately explicate the part of human reasoning they are intended for.
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    Fitch-style natural deduction for modal paralogics.Hans Lycke - 2009 - Logique Et Analyse 52 (207):193-218.
    In this paper, I will present a Fitch–style natural deduction proof theory for modal paralogics (modal logics with gaps and/or gluts for negation). Besides the standard classical subproofs, the presented proof theory also contains modal subproofs, which express what would follow from a hypothesis, in case it would be true in some arbitrary world.
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    An adaptive logic for relevant classical deduction.Hans Lycke - 2007 - Journal of Applied Logic 5 (4):602-612.
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    A Formal Explication Of The Search For Explanations: The Adaptive Logics Approach To Abductive Reasoning.Hans Lycke - 2012 - Logic Journal of the IGPL 20 (2):497-516.
    Most logic–based approaches characterize abduction as a kind of backwards deduction plus additional conditions, which means that a number of conditions is specified that enable one to decide whether or not a particular abductive inference is sound . Despite the fact that these approaches succeed in specifying which formulas count as valid consequences of abductive inference steps, they do not explicate the way people actually reason by means of abductive inferences. This is most clearly shown by the absence of a (...)
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