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    What Is a Portrait?Hans R. V. Maes - 2015 - British Journal of Aesthetics 55 (3):303-322.
    What I will aim for in answering the title question is extensional adequacy, that is, I will try to formulate an account that captures as much of the extension as possible of what we ordinarily think counts as a portrait. Two philosophers have recently and independently from one another embarked on the same project. Cynthia Freeland’s theory of portraiture, as it is developed in her book, Portraits and Persons, is discussed in Sections 1 and 2 of this paper. Sections 3 (...)
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  2. Drawing the Line: Art versus Pornography.Hans R. V. Maes - 2011 - Philosophy Compass 6 (6):385-397.
    Art and pornography are often thought to be mutually exclusive. The present article argues that this popular view is without adequate support. Section 1 looks at some of the classic ways of drawing the distinction between these two domains of representation. In Section 2, it is argued that the classic dichotomies may help to illuminate the differences between certain prototypical instances of pornography and art, but will not serve to justify the claim that pornography and art are fundamentally incompatible. Section (...)
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    Peaks and Troughs: Dysepiphany, Antiphany, and Melancholy.Hans R. V. Maes - unknown
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