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  1. Production, Information Costs, and Economic Organization.Armen Alchian, Harold Demsetz, Kenneth Arrow, Richard Edwards, Herbert Gintis & Michael C. Jensen - 1983 - Philosophy and Public Affairs 12 (4):354-368.
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    From Economic Man to Economic System: Essays on Human Behavior and the Institutions of Capitalism.Harold Demsetz - 2008 - Cambridge University Press.
    The essays in this book discuss human behavior and the institutions of capitalism. The essays are non-technical and are written so as to be accessible to students of all disciplines and to all other persons interested in capitalism and in economic behavior. They often present unconventional views of the topics they discuss. Those containing unconventional views discuss self-interested behavior, selfish gene theory, the meaning and social function of private ownership, the externality problem, the nature of the firm and the rise (...)
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  3. Rationality, Evolution, and Acquisitiveness.Harold Demsetz - 1996 - Economic Inquiry 34 (3).
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    The Private Production of Public Goods, Once Again.Harold Demsetz - 1993 - Critical Review: A Journal of Politics and Society 7 (4):559-566.
    Anthony de Jasay attempts to demonstrate that public goods can be supplied privately without loss of efficiency, since there may be enough people willing to finance public‐goods production voluntarily, even at the risk of subsidizing free riders, rather than risk that public goods will not be produced at all. Jasay's argument rests on the implausible assumption that the goods in question are completely indivisible. This assumption forces persons interested in having a given public good either to finance it or do (...)
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