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    Harold F. Cherniss (1944). Aristotle's Criticism of Plato and the Academy. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.
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    Harold F. Cherniss (1964). Aristotle's Criticism of Presocratic Philosophy. New York: Octagon Books.
  3.  16
    Harold F. Cherniss (1980). The Riddle of the Early Academy. Garland.
    Plato's lectures: a hypothesis for an enigma.--Speusippus, Xenocrates, and the polemical method of Aristotle.--The Academy: orthodoxy, heresy, or philosophical interpretation?
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  4. Harold F. Cherniss (1966). Die Ältere Akademie. Ein Historisches Rätsel Und Seine Lösung. Winter.
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  5. Harold F. Cherniss & Eugène Napoleon Tigerstedt (1993). L'énigme de l'Ancienne Académie.
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    Harold F. Cherniss (1977). Selected Papers. Brill.
    ... a professor of English literature was widely acclaimed for having made an important discovery in his field of research ; he had found in certain English ...
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  7. Harold F. Cherniss (1930). The Platonism of Gregory of Nyssa. New York: B. Franklin.