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  1. The Concept of Popular Education.Harold Silver - 2007 - Routledge.
    Originally published 1965. This reprints the 1977 edition which included a new introduction. From the starting point of "popular" charity education, the book traces the dynamic of ideological and social change from the 1790s to the 1830s in terms of attitudes to education and analyzes the range of contemporary opinions on popular education. It also examines some of the channels through which ideas about education were disseminated and became common currency in popular movements.
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    Robert Owen on Education.G. H. Hainton, Harold Silver & Robert Owen - 1970 - British Journal of Educational Studies 18 (1):98.
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    The History of British Universities 1800-1969: A Bibliography.Harold Silver & S. John Teague - 1971 - British Journal of Educational Studies 19 (1):107.
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    Managing to Innovate in Higher Education.Harold Silver - 1999 - British Journal of Educational Studies 47 (2):145 - 156.
    This paper reviews and discusses the nature of innovation in higher education teaching and learning. It traces a gradual shift from innovation generated predominantly at the local level to a form of innovation largely directed by the higher education institutions. It argues that the study of innovation demands that questions are asked about the nature and ownership of the innovation, its policy context and whose interests the innovation serves.
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    Book Review Section 1. [REVIEW]Ellen Schwichtenberg, Richard J. Altenbaugh, Julia Wrigley, Joseph M. Stetar, R. Bruce Mcpherson, Jeffrey Mirel, Samuel D. Andrews, Harold Silver & Joseph di Bona - 1985 - Educational Studies 16 (2):127-172.
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    Education and the Social Condition.Keith Fenwick & Harold Silver - 1982 - British Journal of Educational Studies 30 (2):243.
  7. The Education of the Poor: The History of the National School 1824-1974.Pamela Silver & Harold Silver - 2007 - Routledge.
    Originally published 1974. Thousands of elementary schools for the children of the poor were founded during the nineteenth century, yet there is scarcely a published history of a single one of them. This volume is precisely such a history and the authors trace its story against the background of local and national change in education and society. On the basis of a unique collection of records the authors have pieced together a picture of the social composition of the school, its (...)
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    A Social History of Education in England.John Lawson & Harold Silver - 1974 - British Journal of Educational Studies 22 (1):93-94.
    Originally published in 1973,this book describes the medieval origins of the British education system, and the transformations successive historical events – such as the Reformation, the Civil War and the Industrial Revolution – have wrought on it. It examines the effect on the educational pattern of such major cultural upheavals as the Renaissance; it looks at the different parts played by church and state, and the influence of new social and educational philosophies.
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