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    Hegel’s Philosophy of Politics: Idealism, Identity, and Modernity.Harry BROD - 1992 - Westview Press.
    Focusing on Hegel's political philosophy, this text demonstrates the unifying role played by the doctrine of the collective historical social consciousness.
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  2. Pornography and the Alienation of Male Sexuality.Harry Brod - 1988 - Social Theory and Practice 14 (3):265-284.
  3. The New Men's Studies: From Feminist Theory to Gender Scholarship.Harry Brod - 1987 - Hypatia 2 (1):179 - 196.
    The paper situates the new field of men's studies in the context of the evolution of women's studies. It argues that men's studies' distinctive feminist approach to men is a necessary complement to women's studies, citing paradigmatic examples of new perspectives. In tracing women's studies' development, the paper argues that reconceptualizations of "gender" resolve tensions between much of women's studies' non-essentialist empirical social science describing "sex roles" and much of feminist theory's essentialist celebrations of women's core selves.
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    Logic and Politics.Harry Brod - 1982 - Teaching Philosophy 5 (3):211-219.
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    Philosophy Teaching as Intellectual Affirmative Action.Harry Brod - 1986 - Teaching Philosophy 9 (1):5-13.
  6. A Better Class of Men:: Comment on “Husbands' Educational Attainment and Support for Wives' Return to School”.Harry Brod - 1990 - Gender and Society 4 (2):251-253.
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    Does Manning Men's Studies Emasculate Women's Studies?Harry Brod - 1987 - Hypatia 2 (2):153 - 156.
    Defends "The New Men's Studies: From Feminist Theory to Gender Scholarship" (Hypatia 2:1, Winter 1987) against what is argued are Mary Libertin's misreadings. The argument for men's studies is logically independent of though related to the debate about essentialism in women's studies. Men's studies studies men in and as particular groups. Intellectual should not be equated with institutional autonomy. The feminist study of men should be supported by feminist scholars.
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    Hegel and the French Revolution: Essays on the Philosophy of Right.Harry Brod - 1984 - Review of Metaphysics 37 (3):645-647.
    The English-speaking philosophical world will greatly benefit if this fine translation of Ritter's essays on Hegel produces an effect similar to that of the reception of the German original. The impact of the title essay alone, first published as a separate volume in 1957, can in part be gauged by its being one of a dozen post-war books on Hegel analyzed in Michael Theunissen's special Beiheft of Philosophische Rundschau on Die Verwirklichung der Vernunft [The Realization of Reason], and one must (...)
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    Hegel on Economics and Freedom.Harry Brod - 1989 - The Owl of Minerva 20 (2):242-247.
    While Hegel has a reputation for the most empyrean philosophical speculation, economics is known as the most dismal of sciences. The conjunction of the two might be expected to produce an effect like that of plunging a flaming torch into a bucket full of cold water: One will extinguish the flame and churn up the water a bit, without shedding any light on either of them. The fusion of Hegel and economics requires something to smoothe the transition from one to (...)
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    Index to Volume Nine, 1986.Harry Brod & Intelleetual Affirmative Aetion - 1986 - Teaching Philosophy 9 (4):381-383.
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    The Art of Deception.Harry Brod - 1988 - Teaching Philosophy 11 (2):166-168.