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  1. Foundations of mathematical logic.Haskell Brooks Curry - 1963 - New York: Dover Publications.
    Comprehensive account of constructive theory of first-order predicate calculus. Covers formal methods including algorithms and epi-theory, brief treatment of Markov’s approach to algorithms, elementary facts about lattices and similar algebraic systems, more. Philosophical and reflective as well as mathematical. Graduate-level course. 1963 ed. Exercises.
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    Combinatory logic.Haskell Brooks Curry - 1958 - Amsterdam,: North-Holland Pub. Co..
    CHAPTER Addenda to Pure Combinatory Logic This chapter will treat various additions to, and modifications of, the subject matter of Chapters-7. ...
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    Outlines of a formalist philosophy of mathematics.Haskell Brooks Curry - 1951 - Amsterdam,: North-Holland Pub. Co..
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    Combinatory Logic Vol. 1.Haskell Brooks Curry & Robert M. Feys - 1958 - Amsterdam, Netherlands: North-Holland Publishing Company.
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