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    School Admissions: Increasing Equity, Accountability and Transparency.Anne West, Hazel Pennell & Philip Noden - 1998 - British Journal of Educational Studies 46 (2):188 - 200.
    This paper examines the impact of education reforms on school admissions policies and practices. It discusses the changes that are needed to improve the current system, especially in areas where the market is highly developed. It is concluded that the new legislation to be enacted by the current Labour Government should be beneficial, but that more far-reaching changes are needed for the admissions process to be equitable, transparent and accountable.
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    How New is New Labour? The Quasi-Market and English Schools 1997 to 2001.Anne West & Hazel Pennell - 2002 - British Journal of Educational Studies 50 (2):206-224.
    This paper focuses on the reforms made to the quasi-market in school-based education in England that occurred between May 1997 and May 2001. It discusses the changes that have taken place in relation to parental choice, admissions to schools, school diversity, funding and examination 'league tables'. The Labour Government can be seen as having embraced the quasi-market with a similar enthusiasm to that of its Conservative predecessors although it has tended to emphasise social inclusion as opposed to competition. While it (...)
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    Publishing School Examination Results in England: Incentives and Consequences.Anne West & Hazel Pennell - 2000 - Educational Studies 26 (4):423-436.
    Since 1992, the quality daily national press in England has published the examination results of secondary schools. In this paper, we discuss the policy context, the results that are published, how they are used by parents making preferences for secondary schools and the consequences of their publication. Overall, the publication of examination results has created a range of incentives for those in the education market place. These incentives serve to strengthen the position of certain categories of pupils on the one (...)
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    Campaigns by Parents to Set Up New Schools in England: Issues and Barriers.Hazel Pennell & Anne West - 2009 - Educational Studies 35 (1):37-52.
    This paper focuses on the role of parents in the planning and setting up of new secondary schools in the context of proposals to extend the right of parents in relation to new schools. The research focused on 15 parent campaigns that had recently taken place or were ongoing: seven aimed to obtain new schools and eight to prevent new schools being set up. Interviews were carried out with members of the campaigns, local authority officials, academy sponsors and a DfES (...)
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