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    The Dual Function of Social Gaze.Matthias S. Gobel, Heejung S. Kim & Daniel C. Richardson - 2015 - Cognition 136:359-364.
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    Automatic Mechanisms for Social Attention Are Culturally Penetrable.Adam S. Cohen, Joni Y. Sasaki, Tamsin C. German & Heejung S. Kim - 2017 - Cognitive Science 41 (1):242-258.
    Are mechanisms for social attention influenced by culture? Evidence that social attention is triggered automatically by bottom-up gaze cues and is uninfluenced by top-down verbal instructions may suggest it operates in the same way everywhere. Yet considerations from evolutionary and cultural psychology suggest that specific aspects of one's cultural background may have consequence for the way mechanisms for social attention develop and operate. In more interdependent cultures, the scope of social attention may be broader, focusing on more individuals and relations (...)
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    Social Sharing of Emotion in Words and Otherwise.Heejung S. Kim - 2009 - Emotion Review 1 (1):92-93.
    The review by Rimé challenges the current individualist view of emotional regulation, and argues that emotional experiences lead to the need and action of emotional social sharing which in turn plays a role in emotion regulation. Yet, the focus of the review itself is still hinged upon another aspect of individualistic assumption, namely the importance of language as a tool to carry out the social sharing of emotion. In so doing, the review highlights only the explicit, deliberate and agentic aspects (...)
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