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Heikki Saari
Åbo Akademi University (PhD)
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    R. G. Collingwood on the Identity of Thoughts.Heikki Saari - 1989 - Dialogue 28 (1):77-89.
    R. G. Collingwood's re-enactment doctrine has been widely discussed in recent years by his commentators. However, most philosophers who discuss the re-enactment doctrine touch only briefly on his view of the identity of thoughts. This is surprising because Collingwood claims that the historian's successful re-enactment of the thought behind the historical agent's action involves re-thinking the same thought as the agent and not merely a copy of his thought.
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  2. Re-Enactment: A Study in R.G. Collingwoods's Philosophy of History.Heikki Saari - 1984 - Åbo Akademi.
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    Some Aspects of R. G. Collingwood’s Doctrine of Absolute Presuppositions.Heikki Saari - 1991 - International Studies in Philosophy 23 (1):61-73.
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    Wittgenstein on Understanding Other Cultures.Heikki Saari - 2005 - Grazer Philosophische Studien 68 (1):139-161.
    In this article I discuss Wittgenstein's view of what is involved in understanding other cultures. I show that he is not committed to cultural relativism, as some of his critics argue. As he sees it, the real differences between cultures do not involve any fundamental conceptual, epistemic or other barriers that would make it impossible for us to understand and criticise other cultures. Shared forms of life and man's natural history provide a foothold for us when we attempt to understand (...)
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    On Believing in Witches.Heikki Saari - 2001 - Philosophical Papers 30 (3):307-318.
    Abstract In this paper I discuss Polycarp Ikuenobe's view that it is rational to believe, in an African context, in the existence of witches and witchcraft. First, I attempt to show that it is not possible to prove empirically that witches and witchcraft are real, as Ikuenobe assumes. I argue that even though witches and witchcraft are part of the social reality in which many Africans live, they do not have the same ontological status as theoretical entities in scientific research. (...)
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    Creating Works of Art by Interpreting Objects. A Critical Note on Arthur C. Danto's Theory of Art.Heikki Saari - 2002 - Nordic Journal of Aesthetics 14 (25-26).
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    R.G. Collingwood Om Konstverks Ontologiska Status.Heikki Saari - 1999 - Nordic Journal of Aesthetics 11 (18).