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  1. A Test for Ethical Sensitivity in Science.Henriikka Clarkeburn - 2002 - Journal of Moral Education 31 (4):439-453.
    The Test for Ethical Sensitivity in Science (TESS) described in this article is a pen-and-paper measure for studying ethical sensitivity development in young adults. It was developed to evaluate the impact of a short ethics discussion course for university science students. TESS requires students to respond to an unstructured story and their responses are scored according to the level of recognition of the ethical issues in the scenario provided. When TESS was used in conjunction with ethics teaching it showed that (...)
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  2. JME Referees in 2001.Rhys Andrews, William Behre, Marvin Berkowitz, Ronnie Blakeney, Margaret Brockett, Chang Lee Hoon, Henriikka Clarkeburn, Michael Erben, Shui Che Fok & John Gibbs - 2002 - Journal of Moral Education 31 (2).
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    Parental Duties and Untreatable Genetic Conditions.H. Clarkeburn - 2000 - Journal of Medical Ethics 26 (5):400-403.
    This paper considers parental duties of beneficence and non-maleficence to use prenatal genetic testing for non-treatable conditions. It is proposed that this can be a duty only if the testing is essential to protect the interests of the child ie only if there is a risk of the child being born to a life worse than non-existence. It is argued here that non-existence can be rationally preferred to a severely impaired life. Uncontrollable pain and a lack of any opportunity to (...)
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    Striving for Success but at What Cost? Subject-Specific Achievement Goal Orientation Profiles, Perceived Cost, and Academic Well-Being.Heta Tuominen, Henriikka Juntunen & Markku Niemivirta - 2020 - Frontiers in Psychology 11.
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