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  1. Pornography at the Edge: Depiction, Fiction, & Sexual Predilection.Christy Mag Uidhir & Henry Pratt - 2013 - In Hans Maes & Jerrold Levinson (eds.), Art & Pornography: Philosophical Essays. Oxford University Press. pp. 137-160.
    The primary purpose of depictive works of pornography, we take it, is sexual arousal through sexually explicit representations; what we callprototypical pornography satisfies those aims through the adoption of a ceteris paribus maximally realistic depictive style. Given that the purpose of sexual arousal seems best fulfilled by establishing the most robust connections between the viewer and the depictive subject, we find it curious that not all works of pornography aspire to prototypical status. Accordingly, we target for philosophical scrutiny several non-standard (...)
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    Narrative in Comics.Henry John Pratt - 2009 - Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 67 (1):107-117.
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    Artistic Institutions, Valuable Experiences: Coming to Terms with Artistic Value.Henry John Pratt - 2012 - Philosophia 40 (3):591-606.
    Supposing that talk of a distinctively artistic type of value is warranted, what separates it from other sorts of value? Any plausible answer must explain both what is of value and what is artistic about artistically valuable properties. Flaws with extant accounts stem from neglect of one component or the other; the account offered here, based on careful attention to actual art-critical practices, brings both together. The “value” component depends on the capacity of artworks to provide subjectively valuable experiences, while (...)
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    Why Serials Are Killer.Henry John Pratt - 2013 - Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 71 (3):266-270.
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    Respect, Recognition, and Appraisal: Are All Artworks Valuable? [REVIEW]Henry John Pratt - 2012 - Journal of Value Inquiry 46 (2):147-158.