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    Patient privacy and autonomy: a comparative analysis of cases of ethical dilemmas in China and the United States.Hui Zhang, Hongmei Zhang, Zhenxiang Zhang & Yuming Wang - 2021 - BMC Medical Ethics 22 (1):1-8.
    Background Respect for patients’ autonomy is usually considered to be an important ethical principle in Western countries; privacy is one of the implications of such respect. Healthcare professionals frequently encounter ethical dilemmas during their practice. The past few decades have seen an increased use of courts to resolve intractable ethical dilemmas across both the developed and the developing world. However, Chinese and American bioethics differ largely due to the influence of Chinese Confucianism and Western religions, respectively, and there is a (...)
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    Artificial Intelligence, Social Media, and Suicide Prevention: Principle of Beneficence Besides Respect for Autonomy.Hui Zhang, Yuming Wang, Zhenxiang Zhang, Fangxia Guan, Hongmei Zhang & Zhiping Guo - 2021 - American Journal of Bioethics 21 (7):43-45.
    The target article by Laacke et al. focuses on the specific context of identifying people in social media with a high risk of depression by using artificial intelligence technologies. I...
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    Chinese Clinical Ethicists Accept Physicians’ Benevolent Deception of Patients.Yuming Wang, Zhenxiang Zhang, Hongmei Zhang, Li Tian & Hui Zhang - 2021 - American Journal of Bioethics 21 (5):22-24.
    In “Deception and the Clinical Ethicist,” Meyers defends the argument that the clinical ethicist should sometimes be an active participant in the deception of patients and their families. Me...
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