1.  40
    An Ontology-Based Approach to Metaphor Cognitive Computation.Xiaoxi Huang, Huaxin Huang, Beishui Liao & Cihua Xu - 2013 - Minds and Machines 23 (1):105-121.
    Language understanding is one of the most important characteristics for human beings. As a pervasive phenomenon in natural language, metaphor is not only an essential thinking approach, but also an ingredient in human conceptual system. Many of our ways of thinking and experiences are virtually represented metaphorically. With the development of the cognitive research on metaphor, it is urgent to formulate a computational model for metaphor understanding based on the cognitive mechanism, especially with the view to promoting natural language understanding. (...)
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    Representation and Development of Cognition.Hengwei Li & Huaxin Huang - 2007 - Frontiers of Philosophy in China 2 (4):583-600.
    One of the major divergences between dynamical systems theory and symbolism lies in their views on the role of representation in cognition. From the perspective of development, the cognitive development could be divided into three levels: sensorimotor, imagery representation and linguistic representation. It is claimed that representation is not a sufficient condition though it is necessary for cognition. However, it does not mean that the authors agree with the notion of strong coupling in dynamicism that completely rejects representation.
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  3. Er Shi Shi Ji Xi Fang Zhe Xue de Fen Hua Yu Hui Tong: Qing Zhu Xia Jisong Xian Sheng Ba Shi Hua Dan Wen Ji.Xuequan Pang, Dachun Yang & Huaxin Huang (eds.) - 2005 - Zhejiang da Xue Chu Ban She.
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