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    Making Sense of Economists' Positive-Normative Distinction.David Colander & Huei-Chun Su - 2015 - Journal of Economic Methodology 22 (2):157-170.
    The goal of this article is to provide a slightly different spin on economists' use of the positive-normative distinction by providing some context for its use. The major difference is the following: philosophers and philosophically oriented economists, such as Hilary Putnam and John Davis, see the positive-normative distinction in economics as following from the logical positivist position, and they interpret comments made by economists as reflecting scientific methodological positions that have long since been repudiated by philosophers of science. This article (...)
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    Beyond the Positive–Normative Dichotomy: Some Remarks on Colander's Lost Art of Economics.Huei-Chun Su - 2012 - Journal of Economic Methodology 19 (4):375-390.
    In a series of articles later collected in his book The Lost Art of Economics, David Colander argues that the dichotomous distinction of positive and normative economics has misled economists into treating applied policy economics as part of positive economics and hence adopting the methodology of positive economics for applied policy analysis. Colander therefore urges a reintroduction of the art of economics and calls for a serious discussion on the appropriate methodology for applied policy work. This paper first explores some (...)
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    A Failure to Communicate: The Fact-Value Divide and the Putnam-Dasgupta Debate.Huei-Chun Su & David Colander - 2013 - Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics 6 (2):1.
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