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I. Caponigro [3]Ivano Caponigro [2]
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    I. Caponigro & J. Cohen (2011). On Collection and Covert Variables. Analysis 71 (3):478-488.
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    Ivano Caponigro & Kathryn Davidson (2011). Ask, and Tell as Well: Question–Answer Clauses in American Sign Language. Natural Language Semantics 19 (4):323-371.
    A construction is found in American Sign Language that we call a Question–Answer Clause. It is made of two parts: the first part looks like an interrogative clause conveying a question, while the second part resembles a declarative clause answering that question. The very same signer has to sign both, the entire construction is interpreted as truth-conditionally equivalent to a declarative sentence, and it can be uttered only under certain discourse conditions. These and other properties of Question–Answer Clauses are discussed, (...)
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  3. Ivano Caponigro & Daphna Heller (2007). The Non Concealed Nature of Free Relatives: Implications for Connectivity Crosslinguistically. In Chris Barker & Pauline I. Jacobson (eds.), Direct Compositionality. Oxford University Press. pp. 37--263.
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    I. Caponigro, L. Pearl, N. Brooks & D. Barner (2012). Acquiring the Meaning of Free Relative Clauses and Plural Definite Descriptions. Journal of Semantics 29 (2):261-293.
    Plural definite descriptions (e.g. the things on the plate) and free relative clauses (e.g. what is on the plate) have been argued to share the same semantic properties, despite their syntactic differences. Specifically, both have been argued to be non-quantificational expressions referring to the maximal element of a given set (e.g. the set of things on the contextually salient plate). We provide experimental support for this semantic analysis with the first reported simultaneous investigation of children’s interpretation of both constructions, highlighting (...)
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  5. I. Caponigro & K. Davidson (2011). Ask, and Tell as Well: Clausal Question-Answer Pairs in ASL. Natural Language Semantics 19 (4):323-371.
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