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Ian Smith
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Ian A. Smith
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  1. The Intrinsic Value of Endangered Species.Ian A. Smith - 2016 - Routledge.
    Why save endangered species without clear aesthetic, economic, or ecosystemic value? This book takes on this challenging question through an account of the intrinsic goods of species. Ian A. Smith argues that a species’ intrinsic value stems from its ability to flourish—its organisms continuing to reproduce successfully and it avoiding extinction—which helps to demonstrate a further claim, that humans ought to preserve species that we have endangered. He shows our need to exercise humility in our relations with endangered species through (...)
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    On Explaining Individual and Corporate Culpability in the Global Climate Change Era.Ian A. Smith - 2013 - Journal of Business Ethics 112 (4):551-558.
    Humans are causing global climate change (GCC), and such climate change causes harms. Robin Attfield explained how individuals should be understood to be culpable for these harms. In this paper, I use a critical analysis of Attfield’s explanatory framework to explore further difficulties in accounting for corporate responsibility for these harms. I begin by arguing that there are some problems with his framework as it is applied to individuals that emit greenhouse gases (GHGs). I then show that it will be (...)
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    A New Defense of Quinn's Principle of Double Effect.Ian A. Smith - 2007 - Journal of Social Philosophy 38 (2):349–364.
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    A Critique of Giving Voice to Values Approach to Business Ethics Education.Tracy L. Gonzalez-Padron, O. C. Ferrell, Linda Ferrell & Ian A. Smith - 2012 - Journal of Academic Ethics 10 (4):251-269.
    Mary Gentile’s Giving Voice to Values presents an approach to ethics training based on the idea that most people would like to provide input in times of ethical conflict using their own values. She maintains that people recognize the lapses in organizational ethical judgment and behavior, but they do not have the courage to step up and voice their values to prevent the misconduct. Gentile has developed a successful initiative and following based on encouraging students and employees to learn how (...)
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    De-Extinction and the Flourishing of Species.Ian A. Smith - 2017 - Ethics, Policy and Environment 20 (1):38-40.
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    The Axiological Problem with Trump’s Wall and Endangered Species.Ian A. Smith - 2018 - Ethics, Policy and Environment 21 (1):39-41.